For fans of Periphery, Architects, Currents, Oceans Ate Alaska & Leprous

Sinequanon is a Swiss metalcore quintet founded in 2018. Striking a perfect balance between brutality and serenity, the band immerses you into radically different atmospheres throughout their various tracks. From stormy breakdowns to soothing cleans, from apocalyptic grooves to catchy choruses, the journey promises to be broad. With unique and innovative vocal melodies, a sincere intensity, and surprising transitions between different moods, you will discover a promising band that pushes the limits of traditional metalcore.

Sinequanon has walked the stage several times in Switzerland and has already opened for prominent names in the rock and metal scene such as Stick To Your Guns (USA), Tenside (DE), and Transport League (SWE).

Hailing from Monthey, the band released their debut album ‘Hope Brings Us Together’ independently in 2021. Produced by the American producer Kris Norris (ex Darkest Hour, ex Scar The Martyr), and mixed/mastered by Shawn Zuzek (Daughter of Mara), this album was praised by both specialized critics and fans.

A second album, also produced by Kris Norris, is currently in the mastering phase. This new opus has been mixed/mastered at Sawdust Recordings by Christoph Wiezczorek (Annisokay) and will be released under a European label in 2024.



'Hope Brings Us Together' Album

'Hope Brings Us Together'

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