Sinequanon: A voice for the voiceless

The Swiss quintet Sinequanon wants to be more than a metalcore band – a social movement, a reflection of the complexity of human existence. The music, an epic-futuristic mix of rock, alternative and metalcore, is as animating and challenging as drums on the way to battle. Sinequanon’s sophomore album “Realities” will be released on October 11th through Bleeding Nose Records.

The name Sinequanon is composed of three Latin words and means something like absolute necessity. “But for me it stands for self-observation. . . empathy. . . empowerment.” Singer and mastermind Yann Savoini started the band in 2018 as a solo project. In 2021, the band released their debut album “Hope brings us together”.

Since then, the Fivepack has repeatedly performed in Switzerland and had the honor of opening for Stick to your Guns, Transport League and Tenside. Always with beastly live energy; the songs alternating between brutality and seriousness. They testify to the extreme range of the composer and multi-instrumentalist Yann. Whoever hears the second album starts a surprising journey into radically changing spheres between stormy breakdowns, apocalyptic rhythms and reconciling cleans. Sure, everything is glued together by catchy and groovy choruses; nevertheless, many songs claim to be conquered. There’s nothing out of the boxes that could be consumed in the fly-by. “Realities” always pushes for the full attention of the listener, never allowing itself to be pushed into the casualness of a background sound system. The ten songs are likely to impress fans of Periphery, Architects, Currents, Oceans Ate Alaska and Leprous.

And if you listen deeply into the creative world, you will encounter a second level: the significant message. The lyrics, contributed by manager Dorothy Demeester, address the great themes of our time: the desire for more sustainability, the dangers of digitalization and the need for more tolerance in human coexistence. Yeah, that sounds political. And that’s exactly what the band wants to be and wants to be perceived as. “At best,” says Yann, “we create a movement with our music. ”

A movement that feeds its social aspirations with music. Or feeds its music with social aspirations. Yann says: “We use our songs to draw attention to problems and inspire change.”

“Realities”, Sinequanon’s second album, will be released on October 11th on Bleeding Nose Records and contains ten songs.

Label and press contact:
Bleeding Nose Records
Tom Geber
+49 172 7284487

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Past shows

30.07.2023 – Sunset Bar Martigny (CH) w/ Stick To Your Guns
01.07.2023 – Manoir Pub St-Maurice (CH) w/ Pollen & Lasskahl
08.06.2023 – Bleu Lézard Lausanne (CH) w/ Catch My Story
– Citrons Masqués Yverdon (CH) w/ Lasskahl & Windshelter
29.10.2022 – Hacienda Sierre (CH) w/ Ascends & Mindspun
– Pont Rouge Monthey (CH) w/ Tenside (DE) & Catch My Story
28.05.2022 – Sunset Bar Martigny (CH) w/ Transport League (SE)
04.12.2021 – Manoir Pub St-Maurice (CH) w/ Circle Of Execution
23.11.2021 – Port Franc Sion (CH) w/ Catch My Story
01.10.2021 – Espace Tribus Martigny (CH) w/ Fluffy Machine